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Inspired by…

January 11, 2012

I’m inspired by all sorts of things…

Books, blogs, bakeries, pinterest and friends!  I also think I’m sometimes inspired by the fact that I’m a little bit cheap (maybe thrifty is a better word)  I figure that if I give it enough effort I can probably create it myself.  (like the starbucks oat bars)

My friend Megan inspires me!  She started baking cakes for her kids and loved it so she decided to bake cakes for other people too.  She jumped right into it with both feet and has taught herself how to create awesome cakes and the other day she posted her crazy awesome icing trick on Facebook and I felt the desire to clone it….but in pink and purple for Valentines Day!  You can check out Megan’s creations by visiting her Facebook Page Huggle Bug Cakes and maybe you’ll get inspired too!

I started with chocolate cupcakes, using “the best chocolate cake ever” recipe.

Then I put a miniature reeses peanut butter cup in the bottom of each muffin liner.  (You shouldn’t do this…they burned a bit on the bottom and stuck to the parchment liners…I’d suggest filling it halfway and then adding the PB cup)

While they were cooling I whipped up a basic buttercream and got out my giant pastry bag fitted with a large tip (actually, it’s my brother’s giant pastry bag that I never gave back….cheap or thrifty??  Thanks Ryan!)

Here’s the secret part….

Using  a small, clean (new) paintbrush, paint stripes of gel paste food colouring onto the inside of the piping bag.  I did 6 stripes about 1cm wide.  I found it easiest to turn the top half of the bag inside out and have the tip sitting in a large glass so it stood up easily and I could paint the stripes.

Using a rubber spatula, fill the pastry bag with buttercream.

The first bit of buttercream will be quite vibrant but as you move along the colour will lighten up.

I think they’re quite pretty!  Thanks for inspiring me Megan!

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