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The Sesame Street Party

May 10, 2011

My Son just recently turned 3 years old and for weeks we talked about having a Fireman birthday Party with a fire fighter cake and all sorts of fireman things and then he saw me looking at this :  An Incredible Sesame Street Party from “And everything Sweet”

I did the best I could to create a wonderful treat table loosely inspired by what I saw and it was the hit of the party!



Peeps ($.25 a package after Easter) were dipped in Yellow Candy melts so they resembled Rubber Duckies.

Elmo and Cookie Monster were printed out onto cardstock and wrapped around bubble containers with packing tape.

Sand pails from the $1 store were lightly sanded and painted to resemble Cookie, Oscar and Elmo!

Elmo Oreos!  Oreo cookies dipped into red candy melts and decorated with royal icing faces.


Party Snacks! 

Popcorn, a goldfish bowl full of fishies and Sesame Street drink bottles (found at my favorite $1 store) that the children got to take home at the end of the party.


Cookie Monster pinata created from a giant balloon, newspaper, flour and water!

We’re lucky to have a tether ball pole in the backyard!  My husband has created a pinata attachment for the top of the pole 🙂

In the pinata were little shovels with notes that read “here’s a shovel just for you, use it to scoop out a treat or two” the kids then headed to the candy table to fill their buckets with treats! 



Can’t wait for the next party!

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  1. May 12, 2011 8:16 pm

    what a great party it must have been! love the color frosted cupcakes and the elmo oreos 😀

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