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Liquid Gold!

January 4, 2011

My Vegetarian friends are going to be mortified.

Most people would throw this away. 

 I was one of those people until one day my brother was cooking dinner and whipped a little jar out of the fridge for a spoonful of this…

Bacon Fat!


Why hadn’t I thought of saving this before? 

Amazing in the bottom of the pan when you’re making yorkshire puddings,  use a spoonful in place of oil when sauteing veggies for soup (potato soup  YUM)  Use a little bit to coat the pan before an omelet, or anywhere you need a little hint of bacon flavour! 

When you’re finished frying your bacon, simply pour the hot bacon fat into a canning jar and refrigerate.  The little browned bits will settle at the bottom of the jar and you’ll be left with the solidified fat to use as you wish.

I’m going to try popping corn kernels in some bacon fat instead of oil on the stove top ~inspired by the bacon microwave popcorn I received as a Christmas gift from a friend~ I’ll let you know how it goes!


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