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Royal Icing

December 14, 2010

Royal Icing can be a bit tricky and intimidating.  A lot of people have been asking me questions about decorating cookies with Royal Icing so here are a few tricks that work well for me.

1.  I use the wilton recipe (it’s the only brand of meringue powder that is available here)  3 tbsp meringue powder, 4 cups of powdered sugar, 6 tbsp of water.  Beat all the ingredients together until icing forms peaks (7-10 minutes) I rarely beat it this long, prob no longer than about 5 minutes.   If it looks too thick, add more water or lemon juice or flavour of choice.

2. Cover the icing with a damp tea towel and let it sit for 10- 15 minutes.  All of the air bubbles will come to the surface and you can then fold the icing with a rubber spatula to get rid of the bubbles.  (Any time after you’ve done a lot of stirring, like after adding food colouring….let the icing sit covered with a damp towel and wait a few minutes)

3. Fill piping bags.  I like to use a #2 tip for outlining cookies to flood.  Let your icing dry before flooding cookies.

4.  Sometimes I cheat.  I like to decorate round cookies because I can apply the icing with the back of a spoon which eliminates the outlining and waiting to flood!  This makes it easy to decorate a large # of cookies.

5. If I can’t use a spoon, I use squeeze bottles to flood my cookies. 

Melting/Decorating Squeeze Bottles

These are from Wilton and they’re super cheap.  You can buy them in the cake/candy making section at Michaels.  Just thin your icing down with water and fill bottles.  Using squeeze bottles keeps everything tidy and organized 🙂

6.  Keep your piping bags tip down in a glass with damp paper towels in the bottom.  It keeps them from plugging up.

7. Once your cookies have been decorated let them dry overnight.  Sometimes the icing looks dry but it hasn’t had a chance to harden all the way…be patient!

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  1. December 19, 2010 3:50 am

    Awesome advice of using the squirt bottles. I think I have some on hand and will try it tomorrow 🙂


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