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Happy Birthday…it’s cake mix!

June 10, 2010



I’m a little bit embarrassed to admit this but… I used a cake mix!     

I also used  frosting from a container and bavarian cream from the grocery store bakery….     

It’s shocking, I know!     

My husband has a thing for cake mixes…yellow cake with chocolate frosting.  It must have something to do with his childhood!      

So for his birthday I decided I’d not make a single thing from scratch (because that’s how much I love him!)      

I do have a few cake mix tips for you if it’s the route you chose to go….(I will admit that the cake was pretty tasty!)     

  • Switch the oil in the recipe for butter that’s been melted and cooled. 
  • Add vanilla.  An extra tsp or two of vanilla extract can make a big difference and make it taste a little more home-made.
  • Whip the frosting.     Frosting from the can is hard to spread and especially tough to spread on a really light cake mix cake…Whip it up until it’s nice and light and add milk to thin it down to the perfect consistency!

Happy Birthday Honey….but next year the cake will be from scratch!     


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  1. Debbie @ SweetDreamsandMemories permalink
    June 11, 2010 4:11 am

    Every so often a cake mix is O.K. to use and I love your tips on how to improve them…I will keep them in mind next time I get together with Betty Crocker…lol.
    Hope all is well on your part of the island.
    Heres to hoping that summer is here soon.

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