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Birthday Cakes

May 6, 2010

Princess for the Day and  Fantastic Frog Party!

Both of these Cakes were prepared using Marshmallow fondant and the Best Chocolate Cake recipe

You will need to adjust the baking times according to the size of your pans…these cakes were 5″ and 8″ and I only used one batch of cake! 

The cakes are frosted and filled with Vanilla and Chocolate buttercream.   


I’m definitely learning as I go here…getting smooth fondant with no creases around the bottom of the cake is TRICKY to say the least and I’ve been exercising a lot of patience!

I promise that I will take photos of the process when the next cake rolls around next week sometime!  Once my hands are into buttercream and fondant my camera’s off limits!!


P.S.  That little cake stand…an upside down glass candle holder, a dessert plate, hot glue and spray paint.  $0.35 from the thrift store! (I only spray painted the bottom…the top of the plate was left un painted so it would be food safe






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  1. May 12, 2010 6:14 am

    OMG!!! I love that frog. Sooo cute.

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