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Catching up!

May 4, 2010

I’ve missed the ease of being able to plug my camera into my computer and have photos!   

 The past few weeks have been filled with fun parties, sweet treats and lots of out and about that I’d love to share!  


The Cake!  

Just in case you missed it in the previous post, here’s the birthday cake decorated with marshmallow fondant.  There are more birthday cakes to come this week…an adorable tiny princess cake and a frog cake.  

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My Birthday boy taking a whack at the Upsie Daisy Pinata!   

Hours of work smashed to pieces in minutes!  My son is traumatized…  

for the past week he’s been saying “poor Uppie daisy.  Uppie daisy broken” 😦   

I should start saving for therapy now!  




Cheese please!  

The Old Country Market!  

This was our first visit of the season and there’s so much about the market to love…  

A fantastic bakery, fresh produce, deli, strange ingredients from around the world and every flavor of ice cream you can imagine!  



It rains a lot here…thankfully it wasn’t raining during our walk at the beach but it was raining out over the strait!   

Be sure to check back often this week for strawberry pies,  

whole grain pizza crusts, cupcakes and birthday cakes!  

I betcha can’t eat just one! 🙂    

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  1. Susanna Jaeckel permalink
    May 4, 2010 5:55 am

    great shots katie 🙂

  2. May 5, 2010 4:16 am

    Oh Katie…this cake is adorabley AMAZING!!! hmmm…marshmallow fondant…I am going to have to try it….I love the effects of decorating with fondant. The pinata is (ummm…was) absolutely adorable as well… I can understand why your little guy was so upset about its demise….I hope he is feeling better about it.
    The weather has been somewhat frightful hasn’t it…the wind on Monday (yesterday) was CRAZY!!! how about up your way?
    I haven’t been blogging for a week or so… many things going on…but I am so glad I checked in and got to see your cake.
    thanks for posting the marshmallow fondant recipe

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