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I Was Bitten By The Blackberries!

August 16, 2009

My finger’s are stained purple and I’m scratched and scraped but I have JAM!   5 Jars of jam and it only took about 8 cups of blackberries to do it!

august 150 

Blackberry Jam   Yields 5 17 oz (500ml) Jars

  • 5 cups of crushed blackberries (crush em, don’t food process them! I used a potato masher)
  • 7 cups of sugar
  • 1 package pectin (i used the certo liquid kind because that’s what was in the cupboard)


Measure out the berries and put them into a big pot.

Measure out the sugar into a large bowl.

While stirring,  add the pectin to the berries and continue to stir (on high heat) until the mixture comes to a full rolling boil.

Add the sugar all at once and stir stir stir!

Bring it back up to a boil and keep stirring.  Boil it for 1 minute.

Remove from the heat and ladle into hot sterilized jars.  Leave about 1/4″ at the top. 

Wipe the rim off with a clean cloth and seal it up with the lid.

Place in canner with hot water (be sure the water covers the lid well.

Process in boiling water for 10 minutes.

Remove the Jars and set them on a towel to set for 12 hours (don’t touch them!!!)  My lids are popping shut as I type!   🙂

august 144

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  1. Susi permalink
    August 16, 2009 5:49 am

    SO DELICIOUS LOOKING!!! wish i had some on my midnight toast right now!

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